3 Things You Should Know About Holy Week

The week before Easter is known as the Holly week, and this week involves a religious holiday of Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday, Good Friday and Maundy Thursday. This article can give you an idea of some of the things you should know about the holy week.

People began observing holy week in Jerusalem, and this began in the earliest days. However, this term first appeared in the writings of the 4th-century bishops. You should also know that Easter Sunday is not included in the holy week.

The initial recording of the Holy week was done by Elgeria, and this is the woman that also made a pilgrimage to the holy land. Good Friday is celebrated to remember the day that Christ was crucified it’s a mourning period for Christians. This is the only day of the year when Eucharistic is not celebrated at all.

The Sundays were normally designated by the trees’ names; these names were known as a branch Sunday or yew Sunday. Because it is difficult to acquire palms for Palm Sunday in some countries, people have opted to use the alternative leaves from olive, willow, yellow or the other alternative trees that are normally used.

Christians in medieval Europe would stay away from consuming meat and eggs during the lent season. Eggs that were laid on that season were normally boiled and preserved then given to servants and children. The origin of Good Friday is still unclear until now; however, some people believe that ‘good’ is a form of holy.

The Holy Thursday is normally remembered as the day Jesus celebrated the Last supper. The Catholic Church remembers this day with a special evening mass.

Of all the times in the year, holy week is the most sacred one, and this is the week Christians can get to commemorate as well as remember the last days of Jesus on earth.